Can you crack my back?

Different Effects of Getting a Sports Massage

A common misconception that people have is that sports massages are only geared toward elite athletes. The truth of the matter though is that these massages benefit anyone who engages in some exercise ranging from world-class athletes to people who jog once in a while. The main aim of the massage is to focus on parts of your body that are overused, which makes them susceptible to straining due to repetitive motions. Read More 

Three Practical Tips on Alleviating Lower Back Pain

Back pain is a common condition, and it can be temporary or chronic. There are different causative factors depending on your lifestyle and health status. The pain can be caused by muscle strain in the lower back, particularly due to vigorous or continuous physical activity. In addition, chronic pain can be caused by problems in the lower discs of the spine. Basically, this part of the backbone is responsible for supporting the upper body weight. Read More 

Three Alternative Treatments For Migraine Sufferers

Migraines can be debilitating and strike suddenly, leaving you unable to work or socialise. Migraine sufferers know how discouraging it can be to spend a day or more at a time in a dark room while life continues for everyone else, but current migraine medications aren't always effective and come with a range of side effects such as rebound headaches and stomach upsets. If you'd like to try an alternative treatment for migraines, consider these three well-studied options: Read More 

Symptoms And Treatment Options For Repetitive Strain Injury To The Neck

When you hold your neck in a fixed position for a long period of time or subject your neck muscles to repetitive movements, you're at risk of developing repetitive strain injury to the neck. This condition causes your muscles to tighten, damages tendons and can leave you with trapped nerves. Tasks that can cause repetitive strain injury to the neck include using your ear and shoulder to hold your phone, working on a fast-paced production line and stooping over a desk. Read More 

Two Negative Effects Poor Posture Can Have On Your Health & How to Fix Them

Poor posture can lead to much more than back problems if you're not careful. You could experience pain in your joints, neck, chest, shoulders, hips, and your organs can begin to perform less effectively. Here are two of the most common issues people with poor postures experience and ways you can begin to correct the issue without help from a professional. Lead to formation of a hunchback If you're constantly sitting in one place for long periods of time and you regularly have poor posture, your upper back will begin to curve, often creating a " Read More 

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Can you crack my back?

My wife gives great back rubs, but I still have to say that she is nowhere near as helpful as my chiropractor. My wife is a bit too gentle while the chiropractor is not afraid to get in there and give my back some serious adjustments and crack some joints. It's hard for an amateur to find the courage to get in there and give a really tough back massage because he or she is afraid of doing damage. This blog is about chiropractic massage and some of the techniques you can use at home for back pain relief - and signs you need to see the chiropractor!