Can you crack my back?

Three Practical Tips on Alleviating Lower Back Pain

Back pain is a common condition, and it can be temporary or chronic. There are different causative factors depending on your lifestyle and health status. The pain can be caused by muscle strain in the lower back, particularly due to vigorous or continuous physical activity. In addition, chronic pain can be caused by problems in the lower discs of the spine. Basically, this part of the backbone is responsible for supporting the upper body weight. Therefore, you will experience severe pain when the spinal discs are injured or shrink with age. It is important to seek help from a specialist such as a chiropractor for a customised treatment plan to combat back pain. You can also use these simple tips to alleviate the pain and improve comfort.

Exercise Regularly

You should not eliminate physical activities from your routine after experiencing back pain. In fact, it is advisable to start performing special exercises that can strengthen your lower back and eliminate the strain. You should consult a physician for a spine check-up before starting your exercise program, in case there is an underlying disease. Additionally, start with light exercises and build up your strength with time. Good routines to incorporate into your plan include pelvic tilts, leg lifts, prone leg lifts and even cat curls. Light stretching exercises like those used in basic yoga can also help in loosening the lower body. You can also perform light aerobic exercise which encourages release of feel-good hormones.

Use Temperature Therapy

You can soothe the lower back pain significantly by using heat or cold packs. Cold packs are ideal for use on tender backs that may have localised swelling. The low temperature will reduce inflammation, reducing the immediate pain. In addition, cold has a numbing effect and it will slow down transmission of pain impulses around your body. You can use ice or gel packs as an economical way to get your cold therapy. Heat therapy is responsible for stimulating blood circulation, particularly in the affected area. This improves the delivery of healing nutrients and inhibits the feeling of pain. You can get heat by taking hot baths or using hot water bottles and heat pads.

Improve Your Posture

Your body posture will affect the total pressure exerted on the lower back. Therefore, it is critical to improve the posture in order to reduce the strain. Do not slouch or lean forward when waking or sitting. Keep your body straight but comfortable, with the shoulders in line with your body. Finally, ensure that your back is supported by sitting back firmly.

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Can you crack my back?

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