Can you crack my back?

Why You Should See a Chiropractor for Knee Pain

Knee pain is a surprisingly common occurrence. While some experience it following a distinctive injury, others develop the sensation over time. Regardless of where your knee pain is from, it's natural to want to make it go away. If you're yet to choose your treatment options, now's the time to learn more about what a chiropractor can do. Chiropractic adjustments A chiropractor's main area of expertise is in chiropractic adjustments. Although it may seem as though your knee is far away from the spine, all the bones in your body connect with one another. Read More 

Chiropractic Care for Children with Autism: How to Make It Easier

Parents whose children have autism know the delicate balancing act of ensuring that their children receive the best possible medical care with treatment that accommodates their child's condition. There are numerous contributing factors that can create challenges when your child requires medical care, with the severity of your child's autism spectrum disorder (ASD) being the most prevalent. It can create complications with the ease with which your child can be examined and treated, although of course some forms of treatment can be more confronting than others. Read More 

Should You See a Doctor For Your Lower Back Pain?

Back pain is not terribly uncommon for many people, as the back muscles work very hard to support the entire body even when sitting down or at rest. Many people also have very poor posture, as they might lean over a computer screen or not mind how they hold themselves when standing, driving, and the like. In turn, their back muscle begin to feel achy and sore. While you always want to see a doctor when you have a question about any pain you might be feeling, note when you should see a doctor for back pain in particular. Read More 

3 Ways A Chiropractor Can Treat Repetitive Strain Injury To The Neck

Repetitive strain injury to the neck commonly affects those who spend a lot of time on the phone but don't use a headset, those who work on a fast-paced production line and those who stoop over a laptop or other device for several hours a day. Anything that causes the muscles in your neck to tighten puts you at risk of developing this injury, and as the muscles become tighter, the tendons in your neck can become damaged due to the strain and you can develop a trapped nerve. Read More 

Different Effects of Getting a Sports Massage

A common misconception that people have is that sports massages are only geared toward elite athletes. The truth of the matter though is that these massages benefit anyone who engages in some exercise ranging from world-class athletes to people who jog once in a while. The main aim of the massage is to focus on parts of your body that are overused, which makes them susceptible to straining due to repetitive motions. Read More 

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Can you crack my back?

My wife gives great back rubs, but I still have to say that she is nowhere near as helpful as my chiropractor. My wife is a bit too gentle while the chiropractor is not afraid to get in there and give my back some serious adjustments and crack some joints. It's hard for an amateur to find the courage to get in there and give a really tough back massage because he or she is afraid of doing damage. This blog is about chiropractic massage and some of the techniques you can use at home for back pain relief - and signs you need to see the chiropractor!