Can you crack my back?

Different Effects of Getting a Sports Massage

A common misconception that people have is that sports massages are only geared toward elite athletes. The truth of the matter though is that these massages benefit anyone who engages in some exercise ranging from world-class athletes to people who jog once in a while. The main aim of the massage is to focus on parts of your body that are overused, which makes them susceptible to straining due to repetitive motions. As such, these massages can be used to enhance your preparation for a marathon, improve your endurance in the gym, help the prevention of injuries and more. By opting for regular massages, you maintain your body's good condition, thus helping you stick to your exercise regimen. Here are some of the different effects of getting a sports massage.

Enhanced pumping of blood through your vessels

The stroking motion used during a sports massage works toward sucking fluid through your lymph and blood vessels. The increased pressure with each stroking movement creates a vacuum in these vessels. This is pertinent for people who have damaged muscles, as these will tend to squeeze out the blood and deprive your tissues with nutrients that are used to repair them. In addition to this, the massage also works toward opening up your microcirculation. This means it makes your blood vessels dilate, providing easy passage of nutrients through your blood vessels.

Increased permeability of your tissues

When you get a sports massage, the deep kneading will open up the pores in your tissues. This increases the passage of fluids and nutrients into these tissues. The increased permeability works toward the removal of waste products, for example lactic acid, from your muscles. It also enhances the amounts of oxygen and nutrients that your muscles absorb, enabling them to recover much faster after strenuous exercise.

Increased flexibility of your muscles

After engaging in strenuous exercise, you will find that your muscles tense up, making them hard to stretch. A sports massage works toward stretching the bundles of muscles in different directions, such as lengthwise as well as sideways. The increased flexibility in your muscles as well as the fascia works toward relieving tension as well as any pressure that may have built up due to strenuous activity.

It is a form of pain management

When waste materials accumulate in your muscles, they can become toxic. This typically presents itself as muscular pain. By engaging in a sports massage, the toxic materials are released from the tense muscles, providing relief from the pain.

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Can you crack my back?

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