Can you crack my back?

Two Negative Effects Poor Posture Can Have On Your Health & How to Fix Them

Poor posture can lead to much more than back problems if you're not careful. You could experience pain in your joints, neck, chest, shoulders, hips, and your organs can begin to perform less effectively. Here are two of the most common issues people with poor postures experience and ways you can begin to correct the issue without help from a professional.

Lead to formation of a hunchback

If you're constantly sitting in one place for long periods of time and you regularly have poor posture, your upper back will begin to curve, often creating a "c-shape" formation at the top of your back, with your shoulders slumped forward. This type of formation is referred to as hunchback and can lead to pain in your entire back, shoulders and lower neck. Such an issue weakens the muscles in your upper back and also reduces mobility in your shoulders and neck.

There are two different methods that you can employ to fix this issue, one of which helps restrengthen your muscles and the other increases the mobility and flexibility of your neck and shoulders. Prone cobra is a type of strengthening exercise where you lay on your stomach with your hands palm down, at your sides. In slow intervals, lift your arms and head towards the sky, focusing on deep, controlled breathing. This exercise is intended to not overextend your muscles with too much weight, but to instead slowly over time, strengthen your muscles with consistent repetition each day.

Another exercise that actually returns mobility and flexibility to your neck and shoulders is using a foam roller tool as a means to stretch your back. The exercise is fairly easy to do, as you lay on the floor with the foam roller beneath your upper back. In this position, you will begin to roll back and forth, which will cause your upper back to bend and stretch. This is another therapeutic method that you can do in small intervals each day.

Negatively impact your digestive system

Constantly having poor posture each day can also lead to blockages forming in your digestive system, slowing down the rate in which your body is able to digestive foods. When you are slumped forward, causing your body to compress in your stomach area, your intestines are compressed as well. Over time, your intestines will naturally begin to reshape themselves, compressing the point where blockages can form.

If you begin to correct your posture, your intestines will naturally begin to decompress. However, this solution can often be slower and still result in slow digestion of foods. Using the prone cobra exercise can help remedy this issue much faster, as well as trying yoga and pilates classes regularly throughout the week.

If these problems persist and the exercises don't seem to relieve your pain or improve posture, it may be necessary to contact a professional chiropractor.  

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Can you crack my back?

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