Can you crack my back?

Chiropractic Care for Children with Autism: How to Make It Easier

Parents whose children have autism know the delicate balancing act of ensuring that their children receive the best possible medical care with treatment that accommodates their child's condition. There are numerous contributing factors that can create challenges when your child requires medical care, with the severity of your child's autism spectrum disorder (ASD) being the most prevalent. It can create complications with the ease with which your child can be examined and treated, although of course some forms of treatment can be more confronting than others. Read More 

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Can you crack my back?

My wife gives great back rubs, but I still have to say that she is nowhere near as helpful as my chiropractor. My wife is a bit too gentle while the chiropractor is not afraid to get in there and give my back some serious adjustments and crack some joints. It's hard for an amateur to find the courage to get in there and give a really tough back massage because he or she is afraid of doing damage. This blog is about chiropractic massage and some of the techniques you can use at home for back pain relief - and signs you need to see the chiropractor!